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Breast Augmentation in Michigan

Artisan Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery offers breast augmentation surgery to those residing in Michigan.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a medical procedure used to make the breasts larger. Also known as implants or mammoplasty, this is a common elective surgery and may be combined with additional services, such as a breast lift.

How the Procedure is Performed

Breast augmentation services provided in Michigan may consist of the insertion of either saline or silicone implants via an incision. These implants are then filled to the desire breast cup size. Incision and implant type can vary based on the desired cosmetic result and personal needs. The patient is under sedation, or “asleep,” while the procedure is performed.

About Artisan Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Our practice serves the citizens of Michigan with a multitude of cosmetic procedures. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is experienced in breast augmentation, among many other procedures, and can address any questions or concerns that potential clients may have. Our physicians are dedicated and passionate about the services that we provide.

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Written by Artisan Cosmetic Surgery February 10, 2014