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Serving patients in Ohio and Michigan including Toledo, Sylvania, Oregon, Detroit, Taylor, and Troy.

Latisse® is the first FDA-approved prescription treatment to offer longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes. Latisse® is a prescription treatment offered by doctors for hypotrichosis, another name for inadequate or not enough eyelashes. Latisse® works by increasing the length of the eyelash growth phase, as well as increasing the number of hairs actively growing.

Is Latisse® Right for Me?

Both women and men can benefit from Latisse® treatments. You may benefit from Latisse® treatments if you feel that any of the following conditions apply to your lashes:

  • Too short
  • Too thin
  • Too sparse
  • Not a noticeable facial feature

Most adults without serious medical concerns are able to use Latisse®. You may not be an ideal candidate for Latisse® if you have a history of abnormal intraocular pressure or are currently on medication to control elevated intraocular pressure.

Procedure Details

Latisse® is a prescription treatment that is applied directly to the eyelashes each night. While it is important to maintain a routine when using Latisse®, it should not be applied more than once per day as patients may experience an increased occurrence of eye redness or itchiness. Before applying Latisse®, it is important to remove all eye makeup to ensure a clean surface and remove contact lenses. You can reinsert contact lenses fifteen minutes after using Latisse®.

Your Latisse® kit contains a bottle of 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, as well as sterile disposable applicators. Use a new applicator each night. Remove the applicator, place one drop of the Latisse® solution near the tip of the applicator, and then gently draw the applicator along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes, where the lashes meet the skin. Most Latisse® patients find it easiest to apply Latisse® from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge. Do not apply Latisse® to the lower lash line. If the Latisse® solution extends beyond the eyelid, blot excess solution with a tissue.

Results After Latisse®

Latisse® results, including changes in lash length, thickness, and darkness, will gradually become visible, with Latisse® patients reporting full results after 12 to 16 weeks. Many doctors advise patients to take their own Latisse® before and after photos so that they have an accurate way to judge the results in progress. Once you begin treatment, daily use is essential to maintain these results. After Latisse® use is discontinued, the eyelashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

During the time you are using Latisse®, you can still wear eye makeup and contact lenses as usual, although you are advised to wait fifteen minutes after applying Latisse®to use such products.

What Is the Cost of Latisse® in Ohio and Michigan?

The price of Latisse® varies for each person depending on the extent of treatment necessary. Artisan Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery accepts CareCredit™, Surgery Loans, and Healthcare Financing Direct as plastic surgery financing options.

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Written by Artisan Cosmetic Surgery January 19, 2014