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Tummy Tuck in Monroe, MI

Artisan Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery performs tummy tucks to residents of Monroe, MI. We make providing our patients with beautiful results a priority, no matter whether they want body contouring or facial procedures performed. We do everything from facelifts to tummy tucks and would be more than happy to assist you in your journey to creating a more beautiful aesthetic appearance.

What Is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is exactly what its name implies: a procedure that “tucks” the tummy area and makes it flatter and leaner. Ideal candidates for tummy tucks are those who have recently lost a large amount of weight and can’t seem to tighten up the excess fat, as well as women who have given birth and are experiencing the same issues. Also, people who seem to exercise all the time without achieving the desired results are good candidates for tummy tucks.

How Is a Tummy Tuck Performed?

Tummy tuck procedures require general anesthesia, which means that patients are not awake during the procedure. Therefore, ideal patients generally must be in good physical health in order to undergo the procedure. In any type of tummy tuck procedure, whether it’s a full or mini, incisions must be made where the excess fat is removed. After a tummy tuck procedure, patients usually require between 48 and 72 hours of recovery time before they can resume their normal activities.

About Artisan Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Artisan Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery is led by Dr. Raj K Gupta and Dr. Manish Raj Gupta. Our kind and caring staff are more than willing to answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have about any of our procedures. Contact our office today to set up a consultation appointment.

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Written by Artisan Cosmetic Surgery September 29, 2014