You don’t need Doc Holliday to pull your trigger finger

Stenosing tenosynovitis is more common than you might think even though few of us can pronounce it. Even its common name, “trigger finger,” sounds like something that might affect gunslingers. Regardless of what you call it, trigger finger is pretty easy to recognize. One or more fingers get stuck in […]

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Getting A Handle On Hand Injuries

Most people probably associate plastic surgery with cosmetic procedures—reshaping the nose, removing the bags under the eyes, or changing the breast size. Dr. Manish Gupta reminds us, however, that plastic surgery also plays an important role in reconstructing tissues injured by trauma or burns. Often these procedures are technically complex […]

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Board Certification – Does that wallpaper mean anything?

The nurse escorts you from the examining room to the doctor’s office. “He’ll be with you shortly,” she says, “to review the test results.” So, you sit there wondering just how bad the results can be. There is some consolation. At least you are in good hands. The doctor’s office […]

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