Hair Loss Treatment

Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in Toledo OH, Oregon OH and Taylor MI

We are proud to announce that we are now offering LaserCap technology! FDA-cleared to regrow hair and stop hair loss, this revolutionary treatment is supported by scientific and medical experts, and there are NO side effects.

LaserCap features even distribution of light and full scalp coverage — with an optimal level of light energy being delivered to your scalp. Read on to find out if this simple, comfortable and non-surgical solution is right for you.

How LaserCap Works

According to the official LaserCap website, “LaserCap uses low-level laser light therapy to improve cellular respiration and function by stimulating the hair follicle cells. Better breathing cells make for a better functioning hair follicle, and produces a happier, healthier hair!”

While this technology was recently made available for in-home use, it’s always better to opt for the unparalleled level of professionalism you get from our medical office.

The procedure begins with making an appointment with one of our staff. When you come in for your appointment, we will take an assessment of your existing follicle situation and outline a treatment plan. Because of the nature of hair loss and what it takes to be able to regrow hair, it requires half-hour treatments 3 times per week. After about 12 weeks, noticeable results begin to manifest.

These follow-up visits are extremely important in order to ensure the treatments are going according to plan, as well as to make sure we monitor your progress for the best possible results. The LaserCap treatments can also be augmented with other treatments — ask our staff for more information on what options are available to you.

What Happens Beneath the Scalp

Contact our staff today to set an appointment for LaserCap treatment — and start getting your hair back!

The process of shedding hair is often misunderstood. While dead hairs do get cast away quickly, this is because they are simply making room for healthy hair to grow. So while you may notice some hair fall out when you undergo laser hair therapy for the first time, this hair is being lost as part of the resting phase — and you don’t want these dead hairs on your head anyway. They simply being replaced by new, healthy hair.

That is why the optimal power level of LaserCap is so effective in the battle to prevent hair loss and restore new hair. As a 100% natural solution with zero side effects, it has been clinically backed by double-blind studies and decades of research.