Cutera Laser Vein Removal

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Are visible blue veins all over your legs or body discouraging you from wearing your favorite dress or pair of shorts?

Those veins should not hold you back from feeling confident in clothes that reveal your legs! At our practice, we offer Cutera Laser treatment for vein therapy. This treatment is non-invasive and reduces the appearance of large blue veins as well as tiny spider veins. We want you to be proud of your body and will strive to help you achieve your aesthetic goals!

About Cutera Laser Treatment

With a compact handheld device, the Cutera Laser uses a safe, effective laser wavelength that improves the skin’s vascular system. Cutera Laser technology reduces red, brown, purple and blue veins that may appear near the surface of the skin or deep below it. Surface and deep layer veins, such as spider veins or reticular veins, can be greatly improved from one procedure.

Cutera Laser treatment is non-surgical and uses laser technology to provide you with quick results.

With brief bursts of energy and heat, the Cutera Laser device is applied to your irritating veins. The heat and energy emitted coagulates the blood in the veins and renders the vein unusable. The body then absorbs the vein and blood flow is corrected to move deeper within the body. In the weeks following your procedure, you will see dramatic improvement as the body diminishes the dark veins and your beautiful, natural skin color becomes consistent.

Veins are eliminated quickly and safely to produce beautiful results.

Cutera Laser treatment is versatile and can be used on many different skin conditions. This treatment is commonly used to address vascular concerns such as spider veins and Rosacea. These symptoms may be caused by aging, genetics, sun damage or pregnancy.

Spider veins

Spider veins are small, fine veins that often develop in sprawling clusters visible through the skin. They commonly develop in the lips, nose, and cheeks. Spider veins are sometimes uncomfortable and may cause pain, itching and unflattering patterns along the surface of the skin. The Cutera Laser treatment will quickly reduce these surface veins for an even skin tone.


This skin condition often begins in people who blush or flush easily. Rosacea may cause the symptom of blushing and flushing to get worse and increasingly red as time goes by. The most common type of rosacea addressed by Cuter Laser treatment is erythematotelangiectatic rosacea. This form of rosacea causes redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels to form at the surface of your skin. By removing the blood vessels from the surface of your skin, blushing and redness will greatly be reduced. Rosacea is not a comfortable condition to have and Cutera Laser treatment can help reduce your symptoms before they get any worse.

Cutera Treatment Experience

Some patients experience a stinging sensation as the laser wavelength is administered to their treatment area. Local anesthesia and pain medication are not normally required, although topical anesthesia is offered. If you are sensitive to discomfort, discuss your options with our doctors during your personal consultation. Patients rarely experience discomfort after their appointment.

Vein Therapy Benefits

Many people enjoy the advantages a Cutera Laser procedure has to offer. Cutera Laser treatment is quick and efficient. You will see an improvement in your skin in the following weeks as your veins diminish. The treatment is complemented by no downtime, allowing patients to return to work after their procedure.

The Cutera Laser is designed to reach all areas and veins within the body. Tiny, facial veins can be treated quickly and produce no bruises. Large, noticeable veins in the legs can also be treated without complication. However, varicose veins cannot be treated with the Cutera Laser. Varicose veins will require a different form of treatment.

In your private consultation, our doctors will be able to evaluate whether your veins may be treated with the Cutera Laser.

A Cutera Laser procedure helps patients regain their youth and boost their confidence. If you are interested in how Cutera Laser treatment can transform your skin, you are welcome to schedule a consultation!

Is Cutera Laser Treatment Right For You?

Dark veins often develop in patients eighteen and older. Cutera treatment is effective and successful on both genders and all skin colors. The majority of people can enjoy the benefits of a Cutera Laser treatment. An ideal candidate is concerned about the dark veins in their legs. These veins can prove to be uncomfortable and cause your skin to have an irregular, bumpy surface. If you are interested in how Cutera Laser treatment can be used for vein therapy and improve your legs, contact us today!

Your Personal Consultation

During your personal consultation with our doctors, you will discuss your concerns and how Cutera laser therapy will achieve your desired aesthetic goals. We will walk you through the procedure, the possible risks, and the expected benefits. You will disclose your past surgical and medical history, current medications and any allergies. A physical will be performed where our doctors examines the concerning area and takes photographs. This will help us better plan and prepare for the upcoming procedure.

Together, we will create a personalized treatment plan that best achieves your goals.

Any concerns or questions are encouraged to be asked. We strive to educate our patients. You should leave your personal consultation feeling well-informed and confident in your choice.

Our doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons and are recognized as top surgeons. He has been trained in the most advanced skincare techniques and is consistently awarded for his excellence. We strives to provide our patients with a comfortable, safe environment. You can trust our doctors to work meticulously to provide you with a beautiful, natural outcome.

How to Prepare for Cutera Laser Treatment

To best prepare for your upcoming Cutera Laser treatment, you will need to follow our doctor’s detailed instructions. Following these instructions will ensure your procedure goes well and your recovery is speedy.

Before your appointment, you will be instructed to avoid smoking and taking antihistamines. These products affect your blood circulation and may cause complications during the procedure and recovery.

Do not tan or undergo any tanning treatments in the weeks before your Cutera appointment. Excessive tanning can be harmful to the results of your laser therapy.

You will also need to avoid putting topical creams and lotions on your treatment area about twenty-four hours prior to the treatment. We recommend you call our offices if you have any questions or are unsure about aspects of the procedure. We want our patients to be confident in their treatment choice.


When you arrive for your procedure, your skin will be cleaned and a topical numbing agent may be applied. The Cutera Laser device will be applied to the predetermined areas of your skin. The device will administer pulses of light energy. These pulses interact with the blood in the vein, causing it to coagulate. Over the next few weeks, the blood vessel will break down and be reabsorbed by the body. Your body will naturally correct your blood flow, making Cutera Laser treatment safe and efficient at removing unnecessary blood vessels.

Most patients are able to drive home and return to their regular schedule after their treatment is complete.


Redness and bruising are common symptoms of laser treatment. Treatment on larger veins may produce a dark pigmentation to exist for a few weeks. These symptoms will gradually diminish as the vein(s) are broken down by the body. If you receive treatment on your legs, compression garments may be recommended to be worn for a few weeks. The compression garments will help the leg’s adjustment and blood flow.

This treatment is recommended during the fall and winter season because it is crucial to avoid overexposure to sunlight afterward treatment. Harsh sun exposure should be avoided for at least three months after treatment and sunscreen should be regularly applied to the treated areas. We recommend our patients to avoid strenuous activity and exercise for twenty-four hours following their procedure. Patients generally resume most normal activities immediately. However, it is recommended that you avoid vigorous activities such as strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours after treatment.


Patients find their confidence boosted after a Cutera Laser treatment. Patients often feel comfortable wearing more revealing clothes or they may feel an increased sense of freedom to go makeup-free.

Within two to six weeks, patients will notice improved skin as the veins diminish.

Final results will be noticeable after a few weeks after the body has naturally broken down the treated veins. These results are long-lasting and can be elongated by maintaining a healthy weight and diet.

The Cost of a Cutera Laser Procedure

Each patient possesses one-of-a-kind anatomy and aesthetic goal. We tailor your treatment plan to meet your desired outcome and unique features. Reach out to one of our offices today to schedule a consultation today.