Permanent Makeup

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Many women opt for permanent makeup for a variety of reasons. It may be that you are allergic to traditional cream or powder makeup. Perhaps your eyesight is poor, or you have an unsteady hand. Maybe your workplace doesn’t allow you to wear traditional cosmetic products. Or perhaps you just want to save time when you get ready to leave the house.

How Is Permanent Makeup Applied?

Just like traditional cosmetics, permanent makeup enhances your face. The process is similar to tattooing. Colored ink is deposited into the upper reticular layer of your skin. The ink is used to create designs on areas of your face you want to stand out. The inks used in permanent makeup are approved by the FDA.

What Types of Permanent Makeup Are Available?

Permanent makeup can be very dramatic or quite subtle, depending on your preferences. Some of the most popular areas to apply permanent makeup are the eyebrows (with Microblading), the lips, and around the eyes. Eyeliner can put on the upper and lower lids, and lips can be lined or receive full color. Permanent blush is an option some women choose if they have limited dexterity or don’t normally wear a base coat of foundation.

There are specialized types of permanent makeup available for people who want to cover a scar or birthmark. Stretch marks can also sometimes be mitigated with permanent makeup. And some women who have had breast enhancements choose to have permanent makeup on their areolas, which are sometimes impacted by the surgery.

Who Can Get Permanent Makeup?

As long as you can heal properly, you’re a candidate for permanent makeup. Young and old alike use permanent makeup to enhance their natural appearance and lessen the time they spend getting ready each day. Many athletes choose permanent makeup because it doesn’t sweat off during strenuous activities. Additionally, people with vision challenges and those who find it difficult to apply traditional makeup due to medical conditions seek permanent makeup.

Is the Makeup Really Permanent?

The ink used in permanent makeup is deposited under your skin so it cannot be washed off. However, fading can occur over time which requires periodic color refreshing. The longevity of your permanent makeup will vary depending on how often you’re in the sun, the colors used for the permanent makeup, and topical products you use on your skin.

Periodic maintenance is a great opportunity to reexamine the color of your permanent makeup. You may want to choose a slightly different shade when you have your makeup refreshed, especially if your tastes have changed over the years.