Brown Spots

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Brown spots, or age spots, appear on your skin as brown or grey areas of skin discoloration. These spots, known medically as solar lentigines, are typically caused by sun exposure.

How Do I Know If I Have Brown Spots?

Brown spots typically appear on your face, hands, back, and other areas that are frequently exposed to the sun. Brown spots develop over time, which is why they are most commonly associated with age. But sun exposure, not age, is the cause of brown spots.

Brown spots appear as flat grey, brown, or black spots and vary in size and shape. These areas of discoloration may be similar to certain types of skin cancer. If you have a brown spot on your skin, you should have the spot examined by a qualified physician.

How We Treat Brown Spots?

Brown spots can be treated with gentle exfoliation, lightening products, and other treatments to address the hyperpigmentation, or darkening, of these areas on your skin.