Twilight Treatement

Consultations offered at our three convenient locations in Toledo OH, Oregon OH and Taylor MI

Twilight Treatment refers to a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that creates a younger, fuller appearance in the face, hands, neck, or décolletage.

This therapy uses two key elements:

  1. Micropen treatment, also known as “automated micro-needling,” corrects fine lines, sun damage and other cosmetic concerns by stimulating collagen and elastin production.
  2. Your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains valuable growth factors, which stimulate your body’s natural healing process to grow fresh, younger skin—similar to the way a skin wound heals with more taut, structured skin.

Benefits of Twilight Treatment

This quick procedure can fit into a lunch break so you can look years younger with fewer wrinkles and more skin tone, texture, and volume. You’ll also appreciate:

  • The organic nature of the procedure, leading to minimal side effects, bruising and allergic reactions
  • The long-lasting effects, so you won’t have to make frequent trips to our office
  • No downtime, pain, scars, or “plastic” look
  • Seeing improvement within just two or three weeks

How Is Twilight Treatment Performed?

The Micropen™ treatment is the first part of the procedure. Automated micro-needling is performed with a special device that contains tiny needles on the tip. The unique Micropen device is applied to your skin using a small amount of pressure, and the device is drawn across your skin.

The PRP part of your treatment has two parts – topical application and injection. PRP is prepared by drawing a small amount of your blood, and the PRP with growth factors is separated out of the blood using a special process. Once the PRP is processed, it is applied topically to the treatment area. Finally, the growth factors are injected into the target area to activate multipotent stem cells, thus encouraging them to grow new tissue with collagen for structure, fat cells for smoothness, and blood cells for a healthy glow.

Preparing for Twilight Treatment

Since this quick, non-surgical procedure can be performed in a brief appointment, preparations for Twilight Treatment are minimal.

Twilight Treatment Recovery

Thanks to the non-invasive nature of this procedure, you can return to all but the most vigorous activities right away.

Is Twilight Treatment Right for Me?

Depending on your goals and concerns, Twilight Treatment may or may not be the best alternative for you. During your consultation, we’ll examine the available options and help you select the right treatment for you.

Why Choose Us?

We’re committed to providing you with personalized care and attention so you can achieve your aesthetic goals. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons and staff have helped hundreds of patients create the look they want, and we’re ready to work with you as a team. You deserve to look as great as you feel!

What to Expect during Your Consultation

When we meet, we’ll listen carefully to your aesthetic dreams, goals, and concerns. We’ll take the time to answer any questions you might have, and then explore the treatment options that could work for you. We’ll assemble a custom treatment plan for your needs and move forward on a timeline that’s safe and that makes you feel comfortable.