Minimizing Breast Augmentation Scars

Some patients express concerns about the scarring that results from breast augmentation surgery. And while the scarring from any kind of surgery cannot be totally eliminated, modern techniques permit a greater amount of freedom for you, as the patient, to decide where incisions are made.
breast augmentation incision locations
Here are some of the locations where breast augmentation incisions can be made:

Around the areola (Pariareolar Incision)
In the armpit (Transaxillary)
Underneath the breast (Inframammary Incision)
Each of these approaches has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Every patient is different, and so it is that during a consultation, the doctor will discuss the different techniques with you to help you address your unique needs.

Three Basic Actions You Can Take to Reduce Scarring
Here are three simple things you can do to ensure you get the best results after your breast augmentation:

After surgery, make sure to wear your surgical bra, which is designed to help compress the scar and, potentially, minimize its appearance. Then, once you return to wearing a regular bra, choose carefully, because you want to avoid any type of bra that could irritate your incisions, such as an underwire bra. You’ll want a comfortable one as well, because you’ll need to wear it night and day for at least six months in order to protect the incision.
Follow your aftercare instructions. One of our staff will give you a set of guidelines for your recovery. Heeding these directions will allow you to have the smoothest-possible recovery period.
Always keep your follow-up appointments. This is one of the most important points to adhere to. This makes it so we can ensure your healing is on track and everything is going as it should.

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