Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

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An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that gives you shapely, beautiful upper arms. With age and weight loss, the skin on your upper arms can start to sag. You may also develop fatty deposits that give your arms a lumpy or bumpy appearance.

An arm lift improves the shape of your upper arm by removing excess skin and fat, making your arms look more toned.

We strive to build relationships with our clients. This level of care allows us to better understand our patient’s aesthetic desires as well as create a safe environment for them. Our lead surgeons pride themselves on excellent results. They will work hard to develop a treatment plan that takes your unique anatomy into consideration and accomplishes your desired outcome. You can trust us to perform your Arm Lift surgery diligently and set you up for a successful recovery.

About Arm Lift Surgery

An Arm Lift is a surgical procedure that trims away unnecessary tissue in the upper arm. This is essentially an upper arm lift and will leave you with toned, better-proportioned arms. The surgery often takes place at an out-patient facility but the details of your procedure will be determined during your consultation.

This procedure is commonly performed on patients who have recently undergone weight loss. Losing large amounts of weight from a change in lifestyle or bariatric surgery can leave you with flaps of unnecessary skin. Fat cells grow and push on the skin as we gain weight. When we lose weight the stretched skin cannot retract. This is particularly significant when a lot of weight is lost. Patients who have lost a dramatic amount of weight often look to cosmetic surgery to help them reduce excess skin so they can show off all their hard work!

An arm reduction surgery may be paired with liposuction if there are fat stores in the arm. Liposuction will help remove extra fat and improve the shape of the arm.

The details of your surgery will be gone over and planned out in your consultation.

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Excess arm skin removal treatments are a great way to improve your appearance and help you appear slimmer. Flabby arms can make you appear out of shape or overweight. An arm sculpting surgery will help you trim down your figure.

This procedure will also improve your everyday life. Jiggly arms cause some of our patients to be self-conscious of their appearance. This self-confidence issue causes them to shy away from activities that would draw attention to the arms.

Large arms can also make buying clothes difficult. Excessively large arms can make finding comfortable clothes feel frustrating and daunting. We want you looking and feeling your best! An arm fat surgery will improve your confidence and make all the difference.

Is an Arm Lift Right for Me?

You should consider a few factors before you decide to have an arm lift. The most significant is the size of the scar which will be located on the underside of your upper arm and extend from your elbow to your armpit. You also need to be at a healthy weight for your body type, as an arm lift is not intended as a weight loss solution. Lastly, if you have lost a large amount of weight you may have loose skin on your upper arms, known as “bat wings,” that is caused by your skin being stretched and loss of elasticity. An arm lift can be beneficial to improving your self-confidence and feeling better about your weight loss success.

Personal Consultation

In your personal meeting with your doctor, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and explain how you would like your arms to appear. He will listen attentively and examine your arms. The doctor will ask about your general health, past procedures, allergies, and medication routine. This information will help him gauge if an arm lift is a healthy procedure for you. He may suggest alternative treatments that will better achieve your desired outcome.

The doctor will discuss your arm lift surgery with you, the potential risks, and what you can expect your arms to look like afterward. We encourage our patients to ask lots of questions so they can make a well-educated decision about the procedure.

Below are some questions that should help stimulate some of your own questions and concerns.

  • How long will the procedure take?
  • When can I begin lifting my arms after surgery?
  • When will I be able to drive again?
  • When can I return to work?
  • What is expected of me to ensure positive, healthy results?

These questions should act as a way for you to come up with new questions and concerns. Write these down and bring them to your consultation.

Our staff will also go over the different types of incisions commonly used in an arm skin removal procedure, these include:

The Inner Arm Incision: This incision is along the inner arm, from the elbow to the top of the armpit.

The Back of Arm Incision: This incision is along the outside of the arm and runs from the elbow to the outer armpit.

The Minimal Incision: This incision is used when minimal tissue is to be reduced. The incision is curved along the armpit.

The above-listed incisions may be used or a combination of them used to create a treatment that best improves your body.


There are a few things you can do to ensure you have a positive surgery and recovery. These steps include picking up necessary medications and any other necessary recovery items. You will also need to arrange for people to drop you off and pick you up from the procedure. You will not be able to drive for a couple of days because of the incisions and medications you will be on. If you need transportation during your recovery you will need to plan accordingly.

Twelve hours before your surgery, you will need to stop eating and only consume water. This will help prepare your body for surgery. Stay hydrated and get lots of rest. The morning of your appointment you will want to dress in loose-fitting clothes and plan to arrive at your appointment a few minutes early.

Procedure Details

To perform an arm lift, the doctor makes an incision on the underside of your upper arm from your elbow to your armpit. Since you naturally hold your arms at your side, this placement offers the least amount of scar visibility, but when you lift your arm; your scar will be visible. Excess skin and fat are removed from your upper arm. Based on the details of your treatment plan. The doctor will refine the results with liposuction.

For most patients, the procedure takes about two to four hours.

Recovery Time After an Arm Lift Procedure

You may have some swelling and bruising after your arm lift, but you can see the results of the procedure right away. For the first 10 to 14 days, you will need to restrict your activity and follow your post-surgical instructions.

Full healing takes about four to six weeks, and the incisions from your arm lift may take up to one year to fully heal.

Your scar may appear dark at first, but with time, the scar will lighten.


You will notice an improvement in the contour of your arms following the arm tuck surgery. As swelling and bruising decrease, you will notice your arms adjust to their new shape. It will take a few months for your arms to be completely healed. The results accomplished are long-lasting. Stay healthy and work out to maintain consistent results for years to come!


The cost of each patient’s arms lift will be different. We take into account that each person’s arms and their aesthetic goals are unique to them. We want to address your concerns and create a treatment plan that is best for you. Call one of our offices today to schedule a consultation with one of our esteemed doctors.


How much does an arm lift cost?

An arm lift will vary in cost based on a patient’s anatomical features and desired goals. For an estimate of starting costs, contact our office. To know the cost breakdown of your own, personal arm lift surgery, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon near you.

What is the recovery time for an arm lift?

An arm lift will take a few weeks to recover from. Most patients can return to sedentary jobs after about two weeks. If you have an active job that requires lifting or activities that may strain incisions, you will need to take a longer period of time off from work to recover fully.

How long does an arm lift take?

An arm lift will take about two to four hours to complete. This time will fluctuate based on the extent of work needed and the desired outcome.

How is an arm lift done?

An arm lift is commonly done with an incision along the elbow to armpit. The tissue and excess fat are reduced and the remaining skin is sculpted to improve the appearance of the arm.