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Our delicate facial and neck skin loses volume and elasticity with time, leaving us with aging indicators such as wrinkles, lines, bagginess and folds. A facelift helps to correct these natural indicators by tightening and lifting the skin in a surgical procedure. The results provide an improved, smoother face and neck.

We use the most advanced technologies and methods to provide a safe, positive experience for our patients.

About Facelifts

Facelifts, also known as a rhytidectomy, are cosmetic surgeries meant to improve facial appearance by tightening and lifting the tissues. Often, the facelift involves removing excess skin or fat, followed by the recontouring of remaining facial tissue to provide the desired appearance.

A facelift normally focuses on the lower areas of the face, such as the jawline and cheeks. Although there are many options advertises as non-invasive procedures to counteract aging effects, they will never achieve the comprehensive, long-term results a facelift will achieve. Facelifts are advanced anti-aging procedures that transform a person.


A facelift offers a variety of anti-aging benefits. An ideal candidate will desire:

  • A reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • A younger and well-rested appearance
  • A reduction in the sagging of facial skin
  • An improvement in deep wrinkles, such as laugh lines and forehead wrinkles

If you think a facelift might be right for you, view facelift before and after photos to see the potential results. Facelifts tend to work best on patients who still have some remaining skin elasticity. This procedure is commonly performed on patients in their 40s to 60s, but all patients are welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss if a facelift is the right solution for their unique needs.


In your consultation, you will be able to get to know our doctors and tell them about your goals and desired outcomes for a facelift. They will listen to you and, together, you will develop a plan that best achieves these goals. Your medical history, past procedures, drug allergies, current medications and supplement use will be disclosed during this meeting. We will analyze your health and assess your neck and facial features. The information we learn from you will help gauge whether the procedure is right for you or if we need to recommend alternative solutions to best accomplish your desired outcomes. Our doctors strive to develop the best plans for our patients that will result in their absolute satisfaction.

Our staff will take photos to better plan out your procedure.

With our advanced technology, you will get the opportunity to opt for a Vectra 3D analysis. The Vectra 3D Camera helps you visualize, prior to your surgery, what you will look like after your facelift procedure. Vectra’s simulated sculpting tools will allow us to show you the expected outcome of your facelift. The camera’s 3D capabilities will provide you with a comprehensive view of both the front of your face and your profile, giving you pre-operative peace of mind about your procedure.

During your personal consultation, you will be encouraged to share any questions or concerns you have. Our staff are there to help you feel relaxed and confident in your upcoming procedure.


In preparation for the facelift procedure, patients will need to arrange for a family member or friend to pick them up and stay with them the first night following the surgery. Patients will also need to alter their medication routine two weeks prior to the procedure. If patients are receiving general anesthesia, they will need to stop eating by midnight before the procedure. However, they may drink water and take any prescribed medications our doctors have approved.

Facelift Procedure Techniques

A facelift can take between two to six hours depending on the amount of change desired. Some facelifts may be considered minor cosmetic surgery while others are a major facial surgery.

Most facelifts are performed under general anesthesia. Once the area is numb, the doctor makes an incision in front of the ear, where it will not leave a noticeable scar. This incision allows him to carefully separate the skin from underlying tissues so that the reshaping process may begin. Existing tissues can be removed or recontoured. Finally, excess facial skin is removed before the incision is closed. The incisions will be closed with fine sutures. Dissolvable sutures may be used if the procedure allows it. We will work delicately and meticulously to create a natural result that is the perfect balance of artistry and beauty.


There are many physical and mental benefits to a facelift. Some of these benefits include:

  • Smoother skin
  • Tighter skin in the neck and lower face
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • A younger appearance

Our facelifts give our patients an improved sense of well-being and boosted confidence. We take pride in our work and will dedicate our full attention and talents to provide your best results.


Typically, recovery following rhytidectomy takes a week or two. During the first few days, the face will be bandaged, and you can expect some degree of bruising, swelling, or tenderness. Patients are advised to wear button-down shirts during the recovery period. You should be able to return to normal daily activities between one and three weeks after a facelift procedure, although residual swelling may last up to three months.

Our helpful staff will inform you of how to care for your incisions and skin to promote the best results. This may include changing bandages, cleaning incision sites or taking oral medication. Small tubes, or drains, may be used to allow any excess blood or fluid to flow from the incision sites naturally. You will be taught how to care for the drains and their receptacles. You will also be notified of when you may begin showering and using makeup.

Around the two-week marker is when most patients return to work and their normal activities. Light exercise can be resumed at this time. Around weeks three to four is when patients have almost fully healed and will see a noticeable change in their facial contour. Regular exercise and outings are commonly resumed at this time. We will schedule follow-up appointments with you to monitor your recovery, remove sutures and clean incisions sites. We will be with you every step through this recovery process to help and provide a positive experience.


Results will vary for each patient depending on their procedure and desired outcome.

Patients will experience a more defined jaw and tighter skin on the lower face, cheeks and neck. The incision lines will be naturally concealed within your facial contours and hairline to create a subtle, flawless change. It may take a few months to see the final results of the facelift but immediate results such as smoother skin will be noticeable within a few weeks. Patients often experience a renewed confidence and better sense of self-image following their recovery period. The effects of rhytidectomy procedures usually last between five and ten years.

Complementary Procedure

When receiving a face lift, it may be the perfect time to correct other problematic facial areas. These areas may include the brow, eye area, lips and chin. Some procedures include:

  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid surgery

These procedures may be done at the same time as a facelift or after the recovery period to improve and enhance the effects of rhytidectomy.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is a procedure similar to a facelift. This surgery improves the area above the eyes and restores it to a smoother appearance. The skin is pulled back and tightened to reduce and remove wrinkles, lines or folds that have formed due to muscle movements. Fat and excess tissue may be relocated or removed during the procedure to provide a better contour to the upper facial area.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a common procedure to improve the appearance and, sometime, function of the eyelids. This procedure removes excess tissue and fat from around the eyes. The procedure may involve removing fat from bags under the eyes or upper eyelids, which is achieved through liposuction. Loose skin that creates folds and wrinkles may also be reduced during this procedure.

If you are interested in these complementary procedures that may be used to enhance the effects of a facelift, talk to our staff about your options during your consultation.


Costs will vary between patients based on their aesthetic goals. we will work with patients to create an individually tailored plan that provides the best, long-lasting results for their needs.

If you are interested in learning how a facelift will impact your life, call today to schedule a consultation.