Gender Confirmation Surgery for Transgender People

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Gender Confirmation Surgery

Gender confirmation surgery encompasses a range of cosmetic procedures to treat transgender people affected by gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a psychological affliction which results from unresolved tension between a person’s gender designation at birth and their true gender identity. It can be a destructive and dangerous disorder to the millions of people stricken with it. In these cases, the plastic surgeon’s craft—that is, body modification, accomplished by surgical means to achieve artistic ends—can be a way to ease suffering and encourage personal growth. 

The struggle to self-actualize is one common to all humanity, but the difficulties transgender people experience on their personal journeys are remarkably more difficult. Allies may seem few and far between. Our doctors can help. If you have been considering transgender surgery in Ohio, or anywhere in the Midwest, contact us today and begin your transformation.   


Our practice was created to promote beauty and ease suffering. These are simple principles that often don’t play out so simply in our complex world. Transgender patients who come seeking relief from their inner discord will find a refuge of support and empowerment. They will also find skilled and creative surgeons. Our doctors are experienced in a variety of transformative techniques to sculpt your ideal body.

Our the plastic surgeons are the ones to see about male-to-female (MtF) and female-to-male (FtM) transgender surgery in Ohio. 

We are experts in an array of cosmetic procedures. These procedures are implemented with the goal of helping you to achieve your individual aesthetic goals. In the case of our transgender patients, we also strive to resolve the tensions of gender dysphoria. These procedures are outlined below. 

Plastic Surgery Procedures to Help Ease Gender Dysphoria

  • Breast Enhancement: depending on what type of breast enhancement procedure is performed, patients will be left with smaller, larger, firmer or perkier breasts  
  • Body Contouring: we can help you attain the trim, toned and beautiful body you desire 
  • Face Contouring: including both surgical and non-surgical techniques, these procedures can improve the contours of the face as well as the texture of skin 

Our doctors are accomplished and experienced surgeons, certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Transgender Male-to-Female Surgery in Ohio

The strong lines of masculine biology can cause anxiety in a transgender female when she first begins to present her gender. There are a variety of cosmetic surgeries intended to release this tension

Facial Feminization Surgery

In facial feminization surgery, our skilled surgeons bring our suite of face contouring procedures to bear with the goal of making the transgender woman appear more feminine. Some of these procedures are listed below: 

Body Feminization and Transgender Top Surgery

Aesthetic transformation can smooth masculine edges and nurture feminine harmony in both the inner and outer worlds of a transgender woman. These techniques require the reconstruction of the chest and lower body contours through the use of implants and fat grafts. The procedures are listed below:

The Brazillian Butt Lift is especially popular in recent years with social media stars bringing new focus to the behind. The procedure combines elements of body contouring and enhancement. Through liposuction, unwanted fat is removed from various parts of the body. This same fat is purified and surgically grafted to the buttocks. The result is a feminine boost and lift to the backside.  

Breast implants and the Brazillian Butt Lift are two of the most popular MtF procedures because they produce the most dramatic results.[1]

Transgender Female-to-Male Surgery in Ohio

Traditionally, masculinity assumes an active position in our culture. Soft, smooth features in a transgender man can communicate vulnerability or immaturity. These are not desirable features in masculinity, but they can be skillfully addressed with cosmetic surgery

Facial Masculinization Surgery

Plastic surgery can reduce smooth contours and enhance masculine lines in the face. Some procedures are listed below. 

  • Female-to-male facial implants
  • Female-to-male rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) 

Transmasculine Top Surgery

Depending on the size of the breasts, there are different cosmetic procedures that may be implemented, bespoke to the individual. Some of these options are listed below: 

Our FtM patients will need reductive surgery to create a more masculine chest. Transgender males with larger breasts will require a complete mastectomy. Sometimes, nipple reduction is also needed to bring the patient’s new chest into proportion. For smaller breasts, a minimally invasive approach is preferred. Liposuction administered through a periareolar incision to each breast may be all that is needed to reduce feminine contours.  

What is Gender Dysphoria?

Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria, a psychological affliction that occurs when an individual’s gender identity is not in harmony with presumed cultural norms. The symptoms of gender dysphoria range from anxiety and depression to substance abuse and self-harm. Isolation is common as well, both involuntary and self-imposed. Social isolation is a strong predictor of self-harm.[2] 

We empower patients by offering them real options. Our aesthetic procedures bring transgender patients into accord with their truest selves. The results are more than skin deep. They often mark a psychological breakthrough for the patient and lead to the resolution of deep-seated trauma.  

Our staff hopes to help create a world in which transgender people do not feel compelled to resort to self-harm. We want to be a significant step on their healing journey

Symptoms of Gender Dysphoria

  • Social isolation
  • Isolation from family
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Addiction
  • Self-harm

Words Matter to the Transgender Community

Words can be tricky, even for those who mean well. That is because our words are still evolving to keep up with human development. But words do matter because the tension that ignorant or malicious word-choice reveals is the tension at the heart of gender dysphoria. 

Gender confirmation is a comprehensive, individualized and aesthetic process. Because gender, like art, is an expression of the individual.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery prefers the affirmative term “gender confirmation surgery” to better orient their medical vocabulary with the goals of the patient. Gender confirmation surgery describes the suite of complementary procedures that work together to bring one’s appearance into alignment with their intrinsic gender identity. “Gender confirmation” is the preferred nomenclature here.

We believe that gender is more than simply birth assignment. So, the scope of transgender surgery extends far beyond limited notions of gender reassignment.

Preferred Surgical Terms for the Transgender Community

  • Gender confirmation surgery 
  • Transgender surgery
  • Gender-affirming surgery  

Transgender surgery” is another term in circulation that describes the procedures in a neutral, clinical tone. But you will often hear people, even on major media outlets, refer to the procedures collectively as “gender reassignment surgery.” This is an imprecise use of language, at best. Gender reassignment is the specific process in which the genitals are surgically modified in accordance with the grander goals of gender confirmation.  

We Understand Transgender Surgery

The terminology we use in transgender surgery is important because it sets a context for the procedures and it frames the patient’s goals. But context and framing do not change the basic craft involved in performing the procedures. We specialize in breast modification, body contouring and face contouring. Plastic surgery is our craft and we do it well. But art is where craft meets aspiration—it includes the higher goals we aspire to achieve through our craft.    

Through cosmetic surgery, gender confirmation eases the tension between a person’s gender and their appearance. Art is therapeutic and transformative. Like the alchemist, we transform suffering into beauty for the benefit of the whole world. 

Gender expression can be nonbinary and is unique to every individual. Starting with your goal, we will work backward to reveal the most effective procedures to achieve your desired results. Inquire today about how we will help you to plot your metamorphosis


What is gender dysphoria? 

Gender dysphoria is the psychological affliction that results from a tension between one’s appearance and gender identity. Many transgender people suffer from gender dysphoria because their appearance sends subconscious messages about their gender to others. These messages are incongruous with how the person truly feels inside. 

What is gender confirmation surgery?

Gender confirmation surgery is the suite of procedures intended to masculinize or femininize the body. These procedures are framed to assist the transgender person on their journey toward self-realization. But, in practice, the procedures are the stock-in-trade of the skilled surgeons and medical professionals. They include breast augmentation, body contouring and face contouring.

How is gender confirmation different than gender reassignment surgery?

Often, you may hear people refer to all gender confirmation surgeries collectively as “gender reassignment surgery.” This is an imprecise use of language. Gender reassignment specifically describes work done to the genitals. Gender confirmation, on the other hand, is an inclusive term referring to all the aesthetic procedures that may be employed to bring an individual’s external appearance into greater accord with their inner feelings of gender identification.    


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